– Oily / Combination / Inflamed / Breakout Prone

– 96% Whole Plant Organic

– 23 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 100ml


Oily / Combination Facial Cleanser is a cooling, gel-like multi-tasker that gently removes daily pollutants, excess oil, makeup and sunscreen, and effectively detoxifies congested or breakout prone skin. This non-foaming and non-stripping facial cleanser is ideal to calm and soothe red, irritated or inflamed skin.


Moisten hands and face with water. Shake cleanser occasionally to strengthen emulsion. Pump a dime size (3-6 pumps) into finger tips. Massage well over skin, especially in problem areas or on heavy make-up around eyes. Remove with warm towel. Using a warm towel will easily remove make-up and sunscreen; wash twice for heavy make-up. For initial use: SHAKE WELL. If cleanser pumps clear, it hasn’t been shaken enough.


German + Roman Chamomile – Locally farmed and harvested exclusively for Laurel, both variations of Chamomile are cooling and soothing to irritated and problem skin.

Grapefruit and Blood Orange – Non-photosensitizing Citrus oils are ideal for balancing the skin’s natural oil production, and make for a refreshing cleanse.

Honey – Our small batch raw California honey has naturally occurring enzymes that help with gentle and healthy cell turn over.

Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV contains malic and lactic acids that help soften and exfoliate skin. Its powerful, and we use it in the smallest of quantities keeping this very gentle and suitable for all.

French Pink Clay – Pink Clay is the gentlest of clays and doesn’t dry out the skin. It improves circulation and the release of deep pore congestion.


Full Ingredient List: Chamomile Hydrosol˚, Calendula Hydrosol˚, Lavender Hydrosol˚; aqueous extracts of Burdock˚, Dandelion˚, Licorice˚, Echinacea˚; Safflower Oil˚, Sunflower Oil˚, Rosehip Seed Oil˚, Coconut Oil˚, Honey˚, Olive Wax (Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate), Vegetable Glycerine˚, Vegetable Lecithin˚, Jojoba Oil˚, French Pink Clay, Citrus Extract˚; extracts of Licorice˚, Calendula˚, Rosemary˚, Cleaver˚; Apple Cider Vinegar˚; essential oil blend of Grapefruit˚, Blood Orange˚, Sandalwood˚, Roman Chamomile˚; Proprietary Flower Essence˚, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate ˚signifies certified organic ingredient


Ritual: Did you know that despite being one of our best selling products, our O/C Cleanser is still one that we also get the most usage questions about? Often when people are just using a non-foaming cleanser for the first time, they express that their skin doesn’t feel ‘clean’. Really, this ‘unclean’ feeling is just your skin’s natural barrier! Make friends with this important part of your skin! It prevents aging and inflammation by protecting you from the elements and is home to a plethora of beneficial bacteria. Without your skin’s protective barrier (which foaming cleansers remove), you are making your skin more vulnerable to damage and harmful bacteria. If you have been using stripping cleansers for most of your life, then this transition to feel comfortable ‘in your skin’ can take as much as 2 weeks.

LAUREL Facial Cleanser Oily / Combination





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